Tevia Daly

Hi there! I’m Tevia Daly, Realtor at Van Newkirk Real Estate. I wasn’t always a Realtor, in fact I’m fairly new to this world. But I am loving every minute of it… and there are a lot of minutes in each day! Originally my career started off as a professional nose wiper, diaper changer, tear dryer, smile maker and all of the good stuff that comes with motherhood. But alas my three beautiful babies went off to school leaving mommy wondering… “what now?” After taking a few twists and turns at a couple of other sales jobs and one desk job, watching the clock tic-tock to 5, I was introduced to the idea of getting my real estate license and all made sense in the world. Not only do I get to meet great clients, and I’ve had some REALLY great clients, But I also get to use my organization skills, my observation and communication skills and I get to use my love for marketing to advertise my listings, Van Newkirk and myself. Helping someone find a home, or sell one, is a great feeling! I get to be there during one of the biggest transactions and adventures of their lives. It makes me happy, and I hope to continue helping clients for many years to come!